Do you have a card to include tag filtered posts in a page?


What I’d like to do is have a static page (with text and images at the top) and then lower down the page have a specific collection of posts showing, like on the main index page.

I’m using the Caspar theme at the moment, and I’m not sure what my options are.

  1. Is there a template in Caspar which allows this?
  2. Is there a ‘card’ which allows embedding a collection of posts?
  3. Do I have to create my own template in order to do this?

Any advice gratefully received.


Hey Alex,

There’s no template in the default Casper theme for this but you could definitely customise the theme to suit your needs. From the information you have provided here, your best option might be to create a content hub using the dynamic routing configuration layer and some custom Handlebars templates. Here’s a tutorial that walks you through how to do that.

Hope this is helpful :smiley:


Very helpful. Many thanks!


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