Does Ghost have what I need?

I would like to store my newsletter in an archive for my clients. It should do the following:

  1. Auto-load (perhaps via email) into the archive with minimal or no loss of formatting. The format is currently HTML with an eight-inch width. Copy/Paste is an option with me sending it to my assistant twice a week and him posting it and quickly reviewing the formatting to ensure there aren’t issues.

  2. There is an id/password for each individual. The id is probably their email so the auto password reset is to the email

  3. I can send user ids to one or multiple emails

  4. HTTPS

  5. I can log in and add metatags

  6. The archive is fully searchable by keyword and metatag

  7. Once set up, it would require no more than ten minutes per issue to upload, review, and fix any formatting issues.

  8. We would be able to store a minimum of 600 issues (1 year historical plus four years going forward) before hitting storage limits

  9. There are no charges for user access to the archive (or they are minimal)

  10. A usage / access log is maintained (a report would be desired) for security and monetization purposes (e.g., I would be able to say that X archival articles were viewed by a company over the past year).

Thank you all!

Yes you can do all of those things with Ghost.