Does Ghost support bylines?

Is there any Ghost theme that supports bylines? I need the ability to place bylines on posted articles. So far, I don’t see that functionality available. I am working on moving a professional news site to a news platform. Ghost was one of the platforms suggested. But I need to be able to do basic things like put bylines on stories.

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We have 15+ themes in our website You may feel free check the premium ghost themes there.

Especially, Cherry, NewsX, Kiku.

We may specially modify that for you to add the bylines. For now there have the author names but we can make the option for bylines.

Ghost is supposed to be for “professional publishers.” But if I have to pay for custom programming for something as basic as that, then clearly this is not a platform meant for professional publications. I need to get a news and opinion website re-platformed quickly. I don’t have time to mess around with a platform that cannot handle even the most basic tasks.

That’s just how open source works in general. Ghost is a platform (which is freely provided) that can help professional publishers manage their content, but it’s up to the publisher to determine how the content is presented to the user. Sometimes you can purchase a theme and it will present the content just how you want, but other times you need to hire a developer to either develop a theme from the ground up, or modify a purchased theme

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