Double Author in Link Description?

Hi All,
I posted a link to a blog post on this one part of my page and it appears that it is saying my website name twice but i am not sure why. How can i get it to only say Iceman capital once instead of the double up below?

The bookmark card pulls in the site name, followed by the author name (if available).

I’m guessing that your site and author name are the same, which is why it’s displaying double. The simplest solution is to update your author name to something different. That way, if anyone embeds one of your links on their sites, the name won’t be doubled there either.

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Is there a way to remove 1 or both of those items?

You can hide the second one by adding this bit of code to Code InjectionSite Header:

    .kg-bookmark-publisher {
        display: none;

Save that change and the second Iceman will no longer display.