Editing casper theme

hi im trying to edit my ghost casper theme. I am able to delete things in the handlebars files but when I change anything in the css file this does nothing. How can I edit the css of the casper or clone the theme so I can make that slight change. I want to make the site-logo have a border radius so it’s a circle.

All the docs for working with Casper are in the repository:

If you just want to make minor edits, code injection might be easier because you won’t have to make changes to Casper every time it’s updated

thank you very much for your quick response. this was exactly what I was looking for. How would a code injection work for this. All I see is for making changes to the header and the footer?

Since the header is loaded before the rest of the content, any changes made there will affect the entire page.

As @derek-shnosh mentioned, you want to insert this into the header. Just add any changes you want in a style block for the header code injection:

/* styles go here */

I maintain our customizations on this repo:

This is the best to way to customize your theme as every future updates will work. You won’t have to compare all code changes manually.

thank you this makes sense and is applicable to my question. I will use this method instead of manually customizing my theme