Editor: The possibility to overscroll!

One of the biggest issues that i find with most editors is that when you have written a good amount of text the text is ends at the bottom of the screen, and specially when working on a laptop that can be neck killing bending over and watching the bottom of the screen instead of beeing able to overscroll the editor page to lets say 200% height of the window (200vh) i guess it would be could save alot of pain.

So i guess the idea/proposal would be if it would be possible to add perhaps an option or a toggle switch to be able to turn on overscrolling to be able to center the “text line” that is focused at the top of the / higher up on the screen.

Images for illustration…

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Else i just want to throw out a good job to everyone working on the ghost platform, it’s such an amazing tool and just so much fun to both develop themes and write posts on the system!