Embedded YouTube video doesn't show up


Hi everyone,

I’ve written a blog post with a Youtube post embedded inside. And although preview mode says “Embedded iFrame”, the video doesn’t show up in the actual blog post.

We’re currently running Ghost version Does anyone have any suggestions why the video doesn’t show up?

Here’s the video I’m trying to embed. I just copied the embed code and pasted it right into the blog posts, without any other code added or removed from it.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Thank you,


Hey there - YouTube is not showing up anywhere in the page source, suggesting either the post has not been saved/updated - or you have some other caching going on which is preventing you from seeing the saved/updated changes

Can’t think of any other reason this shouldn’t work - certainly not related to any known bugs :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply John. I forgot to mention that it does work for draft posts, so it does indeed have to do something with the fact that this is a published post already that I’m trying to update.

And now that I dug deeper into it, any changes that I make to the post aren’t reflected, even though Ghost does say the post is updated. So there is some caching going on that prevents the updated changes.

Any idea how I can stop this caching?


If you’re using Ghost(Pro) you can email support@ghost.org for help - if not I’m afraid you’d have to ask your host or sysadmin what’s going on in terms of caching


Yes, it’s likely to do something with the fact that our blog only cleans its cache once a week. I’ll look into it. Thanks John, got me on the right tracks!


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