External MySQL Connection Error

  • Latest Ghost

  • Ubuntu

  • Chrome


  • After initial setup added following files to the prod config file with the correct information :

    “database”: {
    “client”: “mysql”,
    “connection”: {
    “port”: port,
    “host”: “host”,
    “user”: “pw”,
    “password”: “pw”,
    “database”: “compose”,
    “ssl”: true

Website is working fine and problem exist while signing for the first time. UI showing Unknown error and can not sign in as a admin.

I can see user is created by connecting to mysql server.

full log from ghost is :


on port key the value is a 3306
on port key the value is localhost

but u need insert this on instalation guide in terminal . verify if your mysql service as started .


What is the output of SHOW TABLE STATUS;?


Like this :


Does not matter since I am editing the config file created by the installation.


@Kate I’ve solved problem by listing columns that have primary key and 2 were missing.

brute & migrations_lock don’t have primary key.

Added auto increment primary key to both and admin panel is working fine right now.

This could be one of the toughest problem for self hosted user so that is why I shared how I fixed.


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