Facebook Instant Article Support


Allow support for Facebook Instant Articles.


What do you mean by this? is already working, i have it on production with minor errors


Facebook instant articles getting popular but the problem is they don’t allow all kinds of post as article. Only images and text would be fine for the instant articles. So there might be have a option where user can simplify their post to get support as instant article.


embed videos also work, at least from youtube, i only have problems with lists with inner semantic tags, like a list with bold inside, Facebook doesn’t like that


It did not support code spinets in my blog.


can we use facebook secret video ?
i think it is better than embedding youtube video
well…facebook ecosystem…

and since this is thread about instant article…i would suggest before posting any blog…there will be a checkbox just like the AMP…that is nice…


?? any guide for that you wanna share mr @linkstrifer ?
i would appreciate that…


wait so this is post by ghost staff…so i guess ghost team are developing this feature?


This post might help you:



for point number 3…i guess if i use subdomain for ghost i should do something like this => blog.mydomain.com/rss ?

and what if i use subdirectory for blog (if the homepage is just static page)? is it will be something like this www.mydomain.com/blog/rss ?

by the way nice article…
thanks for the tutorial…


Yes. Just go to your Ghost homepage and add /rss in url. If an XML file shows that is what you should put. blog.mydomain.com/rss and www.mydomain.com/blog/rss look good to me. Just check to see if you get any data on that url.


Not at the moment, it’s just an idea topic. When creating the new forum the Ideas category was seeded with a few customer requests, if any of the ideas are things you want to give weight to please vote on them :smile:


Nothing fancy, just add your RSS to the Facebook Instant Article Development Config and ask for validation after you have some posts there, the trick is to manually fix the errors there, Facebook tell you what do you need to fix, i wait for like two months, sending to review every week because they send you feedback every time you ask for a validation, sometimes is stupid stuff like a warning but you will pass the validation, eventually


@linkstrifer , i guess you maybe using FAN for the IA…
if yes, did you know how to reach their team?
i just wanna request FAN for AMP version…

because i read thatfacebook IA can be converted to AMP but when i go to AMP website.i notice that it doesn’t mention about FAN…also when i asked the AMP contributor on github, they also said no and we need to ask them…
so i do not know how…did you know? or they’re already planning about it?


what is FAN exactly? i’m kinda lost here


Facebook Audience Network:


thanks for answering that…

by the way back to the question, do you know how to bring this issue to them?
the one that they did not support AMP?


i’m not sure i get this right, you need to convert your IA to AMP? Ghost already support AMP, so there is no need to do that


@linkstrifer yeah yeah yeah…i know that part…
ghost already support it… but what i mean is,
facebook also can do that…but unfortunately, they did not bring the Facebook Audience Network to AMP…so yeah, i would like to know how to reach their team? so that they will bring FAN to AMP


@linkstrifer , they even have the linkhere (you can find at the bottom of this page) ,
the bidding amp support …but the link to that page is broken or the page removed
https://developers.facebook.com/docs/audience-network/web/amp-support …
i wonder why, that’s why i want to reach their support,
maybe you know how because you have been dealing with them before…