Fatal Error - {{image}}

My site is(was) using SiteSearch360. It’s a stunning search engine that uses a tiny amount of mustache syntax.

To display search results, it uses its own {{image}} variable to display the featured image for posts. You just add a backslash so it doesn’t get confused with handlebars eg: \{{image}}.

The problem is, Ghost throws a fatal error for any template where it finds {{image}}. So fatal in fact, you can’t proceed. I get why. It’s a legacy change that happened where {{image}} helper was replaced with the {{img_url}} helper. I’m sure it’s saved a lot of people, but I’m curious to know if it really in fact needs to be considered fatal.

Just putting it out there, but It would be super helpful for people choosing to use siteSearch360 if you could still install themes that had these “issues”.

As a workaround could you escape it in a way that it doesn’t look like handlebars to the theme checker? \{\{image}} or just {\{image}} might work.

Interesting idea! Will give it a go. Thank you.