Faulty ghost install from ghost update --archive or --zip

I updated Ghost to version 5.71 with my archive tgz file.
It runs fine in development via yarn dev, but upgrading the 5.70 docker with an .tgz file from yarn archive brings up some problems.
When creating and saving new posts with the new editor from koenig (lexical) ALL images and other kg-cards will not show up anymore on the website of this post.
There is no error while upgrading ghost.

When running the original 5.71 docker image or yarn dev everything runs fine without this issue.
Looking into the sqlite database, I’ll found that the lexical json code is missing any image or other kg-cards.
On the other hand the browser put call includes the correct lexical json code.

Comparing the code from the original docker and the docker after upgrading via ghost update --archive, I cant make out any changes that would produce that strange behaviour.

So it seems like an update or data saving problem, that I cant narrow down without some help.

You can find all information including logs and steps how to reproduce in the issue I created here

Any idea how to fix this?