File downloads - any way to get a count?

There is no file download count in the post statistics.

Is there a simple way to get at a file download count?
Is there any way to get a file download count?

If not, I’d like to see it added to dashboard analytics

Try Plausible Analytics “File Download”. If you embed the (anonymous, GDPR safe) script in the header (“Code Injection”) it will track all downloads and all outbound link clicks on your site. And visitors. No configuration on your site, just embed the tracking script…

I am currently using Fathom - so switching to Plausible (I switched to Fathom from Plausible) is not something I had considered. I have reached out to the Fathom team.

Am I alone in thinking that – because the File card is a Ghost object – that it should be a part of the analytics?

It occurs to me that one – seemingly simple – way to do this using stock Fathom would be to add to the File Card the ability to add an “” parameter to Ghost’s File Card object. I see this as being implemented like snippets – another option that would appear when click on a card that has been successfully added.