For theme developers: A wish

Hey folks, here’s a wish from working with lots of clients setting up sites with lots of themes. (From lots of theme developers - not singling anyone out here.)

If your theme requires the customer to unzip the theme, edit the .hbs files, and rezip the theme to set it up, PLEASE say so, before the customer buys. Remembering that many people are coming from WordPress, they’re unpleasantly surprised if they have to edit some of the code to change what’s on the site. It’s a non-starter for some users. They’re expecting all the text they can see in the demo to be editable. Yes, that question can be quickly answered by looking at the theme documentation, but users are missing that, apparently, or you don’t have your docs posted where they can see them.

I’m not talking about true customizations (user wants functionality/layout tweaks), but if you have hardcoded text displayed in your theme that a reasonable user might not expect, please disclose!