Freedom of Speech

Using Google to search, the phrase “freedom of speech” comes up quite a bit.

The Ghost NPO is registered in Singapore, a jurisdiction known to be censorious to a significant extent. Furthermore, several of your (Ghost Pro) tech stack layer providers have de-platformed edgy content creators and sites in the past.

And, your TOS leaves creators quite vulnerable to management’s whims.



For Ghost Pro, where do you draw the line and who decides?

Our Big-Tech overlords tend to be left-leaning and virtue signal about freedom of expression while quietly controlling things from behind the scenes. Whistle-blowers are increasingly exposing this.

WP has issued a statement about supporting freedom of speech, while simultaneously banning anything which comes under their nebulous, arbitrary, and constantly shifting definition of being “in any way harmful or objectionable.”

When it comes to Ghost Pro, are you like Twitter, the “Free Speech Wing of the Free Speech Party,” that quietly censors anything you dislike or are you like Gab or Minds, that allow anything which doesn’t technically break US law? Or, perhaps somewhere in between?