Fresh install proving difficult

I have a VPS with a static IP. I set my nameservers to Cloudflare from my registrar and made a subdomain to point my VPS’ IP, but it gives me an ‘Error 521’ when connecting via my subdomain, going through admin proves useless. I disable the orange cloud and I’m able to access the admin page, but my index page doesn’t show up.

Upon further inspection I realized, by default, my Ubuntu 16.04 installation came with Apache2, completely removed it, setup Nginx and when connecting with my VPS’ IP it shows me the Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page, which I assume it’s not completely removed and hence Nginx not correctly installed… I fairly limited knowledge in relation to Apache2 and Nginx.

I’m not entirely sure if it’s due to in part by the Apache2 / Nginx issue or Cloudflare. Any ideas?

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