Frontend integration (Gridsome)

Hi !

I’m trying to understand how to use a Gridsome theme with Ghost (
Should i have to build/host 2 differents projects (1 for Gridsome template and 1 for Ghost admin) or can i use Gridsome in themes folder ?
If i need 2 projects how can i host them in a server : ghost admin in a subfolder ?


Hey @DavidF! We recommend hosting your Gridsome project on something like Netlify, and then either signing up for Ghost(Pro) or installing a version of Ghost on Digital Ocean.

We have an integration guide on how to link Ghost and Netlify together using webhooks, which is how Ghost can tell your Gridsome project to update.

I hope this helps!

Ok so i need 2 differents projects ?

Yep, one for Gridsome, and one for Ghost :slight_smile:

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