GDPR consent for members

Dear Ghost community,

I am on my way to move my previous WP page to Ghost but struggeling with GDPR consent.

As you know, for EU citizens/business in EU it is mandatory to save marketing consent directly on the contact when they opt-in for those emails including double opt-in procedure.

As of now, I am not sure if Ghost is providing this, but I unfortunately doubt it. This means, I need to maintain members in Ghost AND sync them to an email marketing tool like ActiveCampaign etc.

Is anything planned to include GDPR compliance, especially consent tracking at the contact and double opt-in process?

Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work :slight_smile:
Warm regards and stay safe.


I am from Germany, so I have the same requirements, here.

I would suggest that Ghost treat this as a special case of user-specific data. In my online teaching business, I have more user-specific data, for example, the lessons or modules that the user completed in possible online trainings on my site (I don’t have them yet but I want to have them).

Ghost does not currently offer this, so I will have to write something on my own. It would really be cool if Ghost allowed user-specific data to be stored in Ghost. Is there any “extension” or “plug-in” concept for that?

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