Getting Rid of Visitor Sign In

Hey all,

I’m going mad trying to figure out how to turn off the sign-in-to-see-my-pages requirement. I adjusted the Subscription status to Nobody, Default Post Access to Public and I even tried Code Injection to hide the subscription. No matter what I try, whenver someone checks out my site and clicks to go to any other page, the site demands they sign in. How do I fix this???

(this site is meant to be a portfolio to show clients. Trying to make it easier for them to view my work)

Thanks in advance.

Can you confirm that the Post Access for the loginwalled content is “public”? The Default Post Access sets the post access for new posts, but doesn’t change older posts.

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So is the only way to allow access to visitors without signing in is to delete all previous pages andf then repost them?

Either way, that’s what I tried and it worked!

No - you can change page access by opening the right menu in the post editor (where you set tags, excerpt, etc).