Ghost and websocket... possible?

I’m new with Ghost and wonder if it’s possible to have an websocket connection with ghost.
I’ve also looked at and feather.js and both support it.

For ghost, I didn’t found any plugins, or threads which are describing if it’s possible and how to do.
Would be glad to get some suggestions for this.


What is the use-case for having a WebSocket exactly? Do you mean as a way of communicating with the Content API?

The User-Case is, that Data can be used in App’s (android / ios) in realtime.
e.g in Chat-Apps or for reactive data in the App.

So you want to bring new posts/tags into your chat app in realtime, is that correct?

We don’t currently have support for WebSockets, but we do have Webhooks, which you can use to update your chat app when changes occur in your Ghost instance.

You can set up a WebSocket on the server which hosts your realtime app, and listen for Webhooks there, pushing the data into a WebSocket :slight_smile:

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