Ghost Bookmarker stops working after closing browser

I have been trying to use the Ghost Bookmarker extension for my newsletter research. When I first install it and set it up, bookmarking works as expected. However, if I close my browser and open it again, bookmarking then fails with the following error message:


I have confirmed the permissions and my website is still on the list of allowed URLs. I am using Brave 1.59.124 on Windows 11.

Thanks for sharing this report.

Are you able to try the Bookmarker on Chrome and report if you have the same error? It’d be helpful to determine whether it’s a Brave-specific issue.

I followed the same steps in Chrome and was not able to reproduce the issue, so it does seem to be specific to Brave.

I just did a fresh Brave install with the Bookmarker and couldn’t reproduce the issue.

Two things to try:

  • See if you set any stricter security settings in Brave that may be preventing the extension from working
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the extension to see if you get the same error