Ghost facing issues after deployment

Greetings all,

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I am new to ghost platform already live my website on AMAZON EC2 Server, but some time its taking too much time to render

Please visit this link Images are also taken time in loading

now when i share above link in facbeook Preview is not generated

Hi @umair, looks like you’re serving the site over https but the site domain has been set with just http. Have you configured the custom domain correctly?

Please confirm , how can i resolve it ?

at least solve facebook preview issue ?

Configuring your domain to use https will solve the facebook preview issue, as well as the other warnings that are coming up on your site. Check out our docs on setting the domain configuration:

Please check now still problem exist, Can you please confirm what other warnings are coming ? how can i check

Did you follow the instructions I linked to? There still seems to be warnings coming up, you can see them by opening the inspector in your web browser. You can also paste a link to your blog posts here to validate them for facebook url previews:

Is that possible for you to connect with me through team viewer ?

I’m afraid I can’t do that in this instance. Is there not someone with more technical knowledge that can help you with the configuration? If not then you might want to check out Ghost (Pro) where we can provide more support:

I already spent lot of time, i think i have to move back to wordpress :slight_smile: