Ghost in Umbraco

Hi All.
Just checking in here if what I want to do is even possible before trying to make it work.
Our website runs on the Umbraco CMS, and I’ve been looking at Ghost as a solution to create great looking articles.

Is this possible to install into Umbraco?
and can anyone point me to any documentation as to how to do it?

Thanks so much

I’m not super familiar with Umbraco but I don’t think this would be possible (in a production ready way) from what I saw of the documentation. You’d be better off running the Ghost blog as a separate entity, you could use the Content API to access new content and generate new Umbraco pages but I think you’re probably better off picking either one or the other.

Ghost now that it includes Pages instead of just posts can honestly handle the needs of most websites in my experiences so you wouldn’t even need to run Umbraco per say. Depends on your needs. You can just make a few templates for custom pages and you’re golden.

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