Ghost Installation Error

Error Id: bf044e30-ce40-11e9-835c-6bba3963180e
Error : 500
So It’s Like This I’m A Newbie Who’s Search For Tutorials On How To Install Ghost And After I Did All The Installations, My Website/Localhost Says : “500 Error Casper Something Is Not There (Then Directory Locations)”
(I Put Something Is Not There Because I Don’t Remember But I Do Remember The Error Code)
Please Help
Additional Information:
Using LTS Version Of Node.js

I don’t suppose you could give use a little more information? It’s a little hard to decipher what’s happening from the info you’ve given :sweat_smile:

I Did Do This Installations Many Times Because It’s Saying knex-migrator
is not installed.
and i run the command line “npm install -g knex-migrator”
cause i thought knex is not installed.
BTW I’m Using Node.js 10.13 LTS Version
And The Tutorial I Followed Said To Use Node.js LTS Version.

Is this a local or hosted version of Ghost? And just to check, is this a fresh install or an update?

Fresh Install And Locally

Ah ok, which tutorial are you following?

Youtube Tutorial Wait i’LL Get The Link

Ah I see, you’re best off following the official documentation. Here’s a link:


K Let Me Try.

Actually I’m Not A Coder Type Of Person. Just Following Tutorials

@DavidDarnes Yeah Suppose I’ll Use This Tutorial And Also That Tutorial That I’m Following Are Much More Difficult. :confused:

I’m afraid the video tutorial you were using is quite out of date :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah… Thanks For Suggestion.