Ghost Members question

Someone just appeared in my Ghost Members as an signup.

I’m aware that this is likely a typo, but I was under the impression that someone doesn’t become a ‘Member’, unless they click the Magic Link to confirm their subscription.

Can anyone confirm at which point a ‘Member’ appears on the Dashboard?


Hey jsh4.

from my experimentation I learnt that it indeed requires a confirmation by loading the magic link.
Your new member is using a legitimate domain that uses a mail server located at “”.

Best regards.

Hey - thanks. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

Out of interest, how was it you managed to deduce the mail server? I was convinced this was a typo.

Oh, I looked up the DNS records of the domain. That is sort of the internet adress of the domain and can tell a whole lot of information. For starters, I know that in order for a domain to be able to send & receive mails they require a MX record as it’s called. And this domain does. Hence, it’s a legitimate domain :slight_smile:. You can use for example.

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Ah, how handy :slight_smile: thanks again!