Ghost new version get Fatal Error

Today I am trying to install my theme on ghost latest version. But I got some fatal error. Then I tried to active Casper theme it also got same fatal error on ghost latest version. but it worked in previous version. I have tried this themes ,

  • CASPER - get fatal error
  • ALTO- ok
  • EDITION - get fatal error
  • LONDON - ok
  • EASE - ok

Here is the Casper fatal error screenshot.

Ghost-CLI version: 1.17.3
Ghost version: 4.9.4
Node -version: v14.17.3

Note: I have tried to install in localhost

Facing similar issue in localhost

Do you both happen to be on windows?

Yes using windows

Yes… I am using windows…

OK cool - this is a path bug with gscan not understanding paths with backslashes in Windows - there’s nothing wrong with the actual themes.

If you try to upload the same themes to you’ll find they work.

We’ll look at getting it fixed asap.

It shows 101 out of 100 … COOL

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Your theme goes to eleven :sunglasses:

Yes… its a big theme with multiple variations in homepage and post page, Newsfeed - News & Magazine Ghost Theme