Ghost on freebsd 13 with python 3.10 -> node.js 17.0.1

I have issue with combination of ports running on my machine. Root of the problem is need of python 3.10. This brings requirements for node.js version 17.0.1. Previous version node.js 14.x depends on python 2.7 and node.js version 16.x depends on python 3.8 or 3.9. Everything on the system is build from sources ( ports ).

It looks that already installed version of ghost 4.20.4 runs fine with upgraded node.js 17.0.1. But the upgrade via ghost-cli to latest versions of ghost are forbidden. I have quickly found how to workaround ghost-cli editing /usr/local/lib/node_modules/ghost-cli/package.json, but the problem with similar file inside ghost which I don’t know how to bypass.

Is there some mechanism to workaround this engine version check coded into ghost package.json?

Ghost is not supported on unstable OR non-LTS versions of node (17.x is both)

I know about node LTS versions.

But currently I’m looking to find workaround. It’s crystal clear for me to not ask for support in my scenario combination of software versions on self-hosted machine.
Anyway the machine it’s not serving something important via ghost - only my personal blog which is not with subscribers - everything is public visible. I have switched from wordpress ( after almost 10 years with it ) one year ago.

I have found workaround for my problem. Commands for ghost upgrade are:
GHOST_NODE_VERSION_CHECK=false ghost check-update
GHOST_NODE_VERSION_CHECK=false ghost update

10x for the help!

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