Ghost **re**-loading previous Installation

Hello spooky friends,

I have a question about my Ghost installation. Now before anyone says RTFM and points me to the installation doc, which is in and of itself wonderful, I’d to share the situation background which may be slightly different from the standard install. So here goes…

I have a local ghost installation in a VM that I often use to play around with Ghost before doing anything with the production installation (latest & greatest 3.x). No problem whatsoever. At one point, I have a new VM and moved the entire Ghost local install to the new VM, and destroyed the old VM. The problem that I used the command ghost install local, using ghost-cli as prescribed of course.

Now in the new VM I setup all the environmental requirements as needed, including ghost-cli, but here’s what happened when I ran the following command:

$ ghost ls
No installed ghost instances found

And I won’t be able to run the command ghost install local again since there’s already the old content in the ghost installation directory.

Naturally, I have an option of running ghost install local on a new directory and just copy over a few config and content files. Not a problem here at all. However, my curiosity gets the best of me and was wondering if there’s anyway to do a “load” of previous installation.

I understand that there’s no command for ghost load ./MyLocalGhost. But I’m wondering if anyone knows of any tricks to achieve a similar result as if we do have the above command. Would you join the conversation, please? (Rather than simply saying “No, it’s not available”.)

Thank you for your input.

Hey @antoniuslin :wave:

Ghost keeps track of what instances it knows in ~/.ghost/config, as a json file. You can manually edit the file to add installs it doesn’t know about. Here’s an example:

  "instances": {
    "ghost-local": {
      "cwd": "/opt/ghosty/spooky"
    "ghost-local-1": {
      "cwd": "/opt/ghosty/capser"

Hope this helps!

Hey @vikaspotluri123 :wave:

Your advise works perfectly!
Only thing is this becomes a very short Q&A instead of a conversation. :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much. Great answer!

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