GoPilot - Your copilot for Ghost

Hi all :wave:. I’m Mark. You might have read my forum posts here and there on various topics. I like deep diving into technical issues and hack around to hopefully end up with something I enjoy using and also help people with similar issues.

I’ve been a Ghost user for a while and I like it a lot. I’m amazed at both the product itself, staff who built and is supporting it and the whole Ghost community around it. I read forums every day, see some people helping each other, or some people providing valuable services that are very usable to others.

I’ve been looking into adding some extra functionality to Ghost around SSO and Portal that I myself needed, and I noticed a lot of people have similar issues such as Third party Single Sign On (SSO), More customization for portal and Portal and email component translations. So I started building a service that will work well with Ghost core product, which I called GoPilot. So far I have some sort of an MVP with SSO (Google, Microsoft and GitHub - one or more can be used) for staff users and member portal customization (including translation to different languages). In the future I see GoPilot as an assistant to your Ghost administration, solving common problems people experience

If this sounds interesting to any of you, I’d love you to try and provide feedback, let me know if it’s a bit useful to you. It’s not a paid service yet, as at the moment I see it as a work in progress.
If you have any questions, send them over here or through GoPilot website.. I am also attaching a few screenshots to quickly show what GoPilot is all about

At the end, I’d like to thank all Ghost staff and community for making Ghost such a great product.




Hi, I don’t understand the problem you want to solve.

Hey @pascalandy ,

Thank you for the question.

This service is for anyone who is self-hosting to do:

  • SSO for staff: Allow staff members login to Ghost admin directly without a challenge from Ghost when they login using one of the Identity providers. One less password to manage. Plus if they are already logged into Google, etc. enter Ghost admin directly
  • Portal customization: Update the default member portal with any text, plus add header if wanted (just to start, more to come). This also means use any language (Russian as an example above)

Possible future functionality to be added, that I can think of :

  • SSO for members
  • Bulk actions on posts and pages
  • Forms and data collection from users (wither natively or on the service)

Please let me know if you have any more questions.