Grant membership to all emails at domain

Hi, I work with about 100 organizations, each of which have lots and lots of staff and significant turnover. I’d like to make my website available to all of them without having to manage users. So, for example, I’d like to say that you are automatically a member if your email domain ends with “” or “” and so on. And if you tried to sign up from a different domain, it would not allow you to do so.

This would simply things for us dramatically. Currently, we’re using WordPress and asking folks to register, and after that we then have to either approve the user or disapprove, generally on the basis of their domain. I’d love if Ghost had this feature.

¡Great idea!

I’m planning on using Ghost as a place to showcase the work of a network of schools, some of the content would be open, but come of it only available to members. The implementation of this idea would greatly simplify the member management process.