Handlebar for Dark Mode to Change Links

Latest version with Dawn. There are some link and buttons that do not change with dark mode and so, I wanted to ask if there’s a handle I can use so that I can style it all correctly.

Example: {{#is "dark"}}

I don’t think there is a template-side way to determine dark mode, because light/dark is all controlled from CSS.
If the links/buttons are using the CSS color variables used in this theme, then they should switch to dark mode automatically.

I’m also using Dawn with some variations, and everything works for me. Can you share what’s not working?

Random links and buttons are all dark which makes them non readable in dark mode. I’ll do a back-up and remove and add the theme again to make sure it’s not me making a mistake somewhere.

Nope, the problem is still there. I installed Ease and removed Dawn and then installed Dawn again and activated it.


How did you remove the featured section from the home page ?

Can you please share ?

I didn’t actually remove the featured section. I just don’t have any featured posts.

But, if you want to remove that section while still having featured posts, you can remove {{> featured}} from default.hbs file.

Thanks @srijan appreciate it. Will check it out

Another quick question: how to show more than 5 posts on the home page and group them by month if possible?