HELP removing google ads

We had an an IT guy on our team let’s call him Tim. Tim installed our google adsense code and since we’ve had ads. Well that adsense account was under someone who left the team. She said she deleted the account. I deleted the adsense code from our “code injection” but the ads keep showing up. Neither Ghost nor adsense has a support line so is there any other place on our website or on digitalcoean the code could be hiding that needs deleted? I know VERY little about any of this and just want the ads off.

we’ve also restarted ghost after we removed the code and still no luck

Different ideas here:

  1. Delete your browsers cache or visit the website with a browser that has never visited your website before. You might be seeing the cached (old) version.

  2. The code could be injected vía cloudfare or something similar

  3. The code could have been harcoded on one of your .hbs files.

Hey @Human_Defense!

Neither Ghost nor adsense has a support line

If you are a Ghost(Pro) customer feel free to reach out directly to

The points @lmuzquiz pointed out could be the right places to investigate yourself in case you are self-hosting :wink:

Try to change the theme to see if the ads disappear.
If it works, the ads might be in your .hbs theme files.

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