Help translate Ghost (beta)

Hello, I have problems with sign-up mails. I am using the czech language - cs. The subject of email is translated, but the body is in English. Is somebody facing the same problem?

Have you set your language to the appropriate language code? It does appear that there are Czech translations available, looking here: Ghost/ghost/i18n/locales/cs at main 路 TryGhost/Ghost 路 GitHub

Hello I provided the Traditional Chinese translation in this PR: feat(i18n): provide traditional chinese support by imgarylai 路 Pull Request #16786 路 TryGhost/Ghost 路 GitHub

Thank you

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Issue Summary

  • Explain roughly what鈥檚 wrong

    Error messages are not translated.

  • What did you expect to happen?
    The error messages should be translated into locale zh.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Change to i18n locale zh.
  2. Click 鈥淪ign in鈥.
  3. Input an non-exists email.

Setup information

I use Ghost docker image the latest tag.

Need Help

I can add these translation myself. I鈥檝e done some tests but none of them worked.
I鈥檝e found issues in github about i18n project. I鈥檝e known the basic code about the i18n project.

I鈥檝e found the code below. I鈥檝e also known the function tpl should have the ability of i18n from issue

            throw new errors.BadRequestError({
                message: this._allowSelfSignup() ? tpl(messages.memberNotFoundSignUp) : tpl(messages.memberNotFound)

so I add the translation to @tryghost/i18n/locales/zh/portal.json, @tryghost/i18n/locales/zh/ghost.json, @tryghost/i18n/locales/zh/common.json, and themes/capser/locales/zh.json. All of them failed.

So i want to know how to make the function tpl work with i18n ability.


I have the same problem with french
it seems all e-mails are translated (ex: magic link to relog), but for the first sign-up email (email confirmation), the e-mail subject is translated but not the content of the email (see image below)

Had a look on github, french translation looks ok to me

Hi all! :wave: An update on i18n:

We鈥檝e now wrapped all public-facing strings in Portal + member signup/signin emails in Ghost with the translations helper. As a result, there are a few more strings in each of the JSON files which you can now submit a PR for with the translations. I鈥檒l try to keep on top of reviewing and merging these in a timely fashion :slightly_smiling_face:

The changes to the Ghost member emails went out in v5.49.1 (last Friday) and we aim to ship the Portal changes in this Friday鈥檚 release.

Just a note on releases + availability of the translations: Portal is released separately to Ghost, and sometimes we forget to ship a new version before the Ghost release, so new/updated translations in GitHub may take a week or two to appear in new releases :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for all the help so far - we鈥檙e up to 33 languages already :tada:


Hey !

Thanks for the update ! Now the email is in french but the preview is still in english (see below)

That鈥檚 because the translation hasn鈥檛 been done yet: Ghost/ghost.json at 99798ad06ba4f6b967352c7f9b4ba425b74e98ca 路 TryGhost/Ghost 路 GitHub

However, there is a PR to do so: Complete french translations by Mysterious-Dev 路 Pull Request #16870 路 TryGhost/Ghost 路 GitHub

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This was solved in the last update v5.49.3


You have cool project, and I think this part of it would benefit greatly if you put it on Crowdin. They are translation service which allow free translations for open source projects.
I鈥檓 contributing to one such project.
Think about it. Everything鈥檚 automated there, so you wouldn鈥檛 have to constantly update all repos,
just add strings for English and other translators would easily take care of rest.

Thank you very much for presenting such a system to us. I request that the comment section be added as soon as possible. For example, I use Turkish, because the comment section is in English, it is not good for users. I would be very happy if you add the comment system as a priority feature. Since the portal part is in the background and users cannot see it, it is not in a hurry, so the comment part is visible to everyone, so it is more important to do it. Thanks again.


It鈥檚 really a great job and I thank you for all your efforts!

Will the comment section be available in translation soon?

That鈥檚 the last thing that鈥檚 bothering me.

Thank you


Guys. We need to translate Ghost Free theme as well!

Oddly, the translation seems to be working partially for me. Some words are translated, like Name or Monthly/Yearly, but the words Free, Thing, and Continue are not translated on my portal. I don鈥檛 understand why.

Research bar could also be translated !

Sounds like the translation might not be complete for your language. Can you help fix it? :)

The weird thing is that my language is French, it seems to be fully translated already and other French blogs I鈥檝e visited seem to have a fully translated portal. My blog is well up to date with version 5.51.0 and I use custom themes but that shouldn鈥檛 have any impact on the portal, should it?

Are you sure you鈥檙e looking at text from portal and not from the theme? Can you link it?

yes @Cathy_Sarisky I am sure it is the portal, you can see an example here :

Thanks for the report! I see it - it鈥檚 a couple missed translation helper strings in the code. I鈥檓 preparing a PR for it now, which if accepted means you鈥檒l see the problem disappear on the release the follows.