Help Updating a Simple Theme for Ghost 3.0

Hi there. Thanks to the stay-at-home order in my state, I’ve finally managed to get myself to update my neglected blog ( Due to said neglect, I’m still running Ghost 1.26.2 and need to get to 3.0. Before I can do that I need to update the theme I’m using. Unfortunately, it seems like the original creator hasn’t updated it in some time. It’s a fairly basic theme, so I’m hoping someone might be willing to help me fix the issues. This is the theme I’m using:

I modified the original some, here’s my copy:

I’ve been able to fix a few of the errors GScan came back with, but the CSS stuff is over my head and I’m stuck. Here’s one example:

Can anyone let me know what I need to do about errors like this?

Hey @Bretterson, those styling errors are coming up because the theme doesn’t contain styles for the cards that be added with the Ghost editor. We provide a set of basic styles for those cards over on our docs:

You should be able to copy them into the CSS file and customise them to your needs.

So I don’t need to replace any code, I need to add, correct?

In part yes. I’m not familiar with your current code, but you should be able to use your CSS & JavaScript as it is and then modify your HTML templates to fit into handlebars (hbs) templates. After that you’ll probably need to make further additions to account for the new features that Ghost will introduce :slight_smile:

Well the CSS errors are the only ones I’m getting at this point, I fixed the errors GScan found in the HTML.

Uploading a theme with a HTML file in it won’t cause errors, but it won’t be used as part of the theme. You’ll need to use Handlebars to expose Ghost content in your theme:

Sorry, I guess I should’ve said I fixed the errors it found in the hbs files.

Small, unrelated question… almost all of my posts have an extra ![]. I think I might have used a template to create new posts and said template included places for two images. In the past, the unused spot must’ve just been ignored, but now they’re visible. Is there a way I can easily remove the extra ones without going through each post individually?

Was this imported content? The best way to clear those up is to find and replace them in the json import file before uploading it to Ghost.

Nope. Ghost(Pro) from the start.

Oh sorry, in that case I’m afraid you’ll have to go through each post to remove them. It would be hard to automatically find those strings so you might be better off doing it manually to ensure they’re all cleaned up.

PS. If you’re having any issues with a Ghost(Pro) site then you can drop us an email on and we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand directly :slightly_smiling_face:

Bummer… seems I have some work to do.

One last (I think!) theme related question… my site doesn’t seem to be respecting the posts_per_page property, any idea why that might be?

Actually, disregard, I can’t count! :man_facepalming:

Thanks for your help. I have my site updated now! Let’s just hope I did it all correctly…!

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