Help wanted with a custom relation filter in a ghost fork

Hello everyone.

I forked the ghost repo to implement some features specific to the context I work in. One of these features is a new hasMany relation in the post model with a new table called external_associations, I’m pretty much done with it except for api filtering.
Like we can do with tags:
I’d like to do with my new relation:

While messing with the code I found this file /core/server/models/plugins/filter.js wich has the following const:

const RELATIONS = {
    tags: {
        tableName: 'tags',
        type: 'manyToMany',
        joinTable: 'posts_tags',
        joinFrom: 'post_id',
        joinTo: 'tag_id'
    authors: {
        tableName: 'users',
        tableNameAs: 'authors',
        type: 'manyToMany',
        joinTable: 'posts_authors',
        joinFrom: 'post_id',
        joinTo: 'author_id'

I’d like to replicate these entries for a oneToMany relation with the table I created, I tried the following:

external_associations: {
    tableName: 'external_associations',
    type: 'oneToMany',
    joinFrom: 'post_id'

But I had no success.

I don’t know if this is the right place for these kind of questions, if not I apologize, if yes thank you for reading until the end.
The ghost version I’m using is 2.11.1