Help with changing doesn't save the file!

I’m running mac, bought a theme from from themeforest

I open the navigation.hbs file in text editor on my mac and change it to PHOENIX Capital Blog for the A href but it doesn’t save…

It says node.js i have to do something with i have no clue what to even do…never done this before…

   <li class="nav-item member-link" role="menuitem"><a href="{{@site.url}}/subscribe/" class="btn-primary">{{t "Subscribe"}}</a></li>```

i just need it to open

That is literally all I need... if someone can PM me and help me with that and bless me that be great cuz i have no clue how to do node.js or any of that...

Welcome to the community, @PhoenixBlog.

You shouldn’t need to edit the .hbs file to do this. Read the documentation.

Incidentally, if you can’t save the file, it’s likely that the user account editing the file doesn’t have appropriate file permission.

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Ok this is what I see.

I added Login Sign Out Subscribe to navigation within the platform.

But those Login Subscribe buttons in boxes and gold see screenshot are still there…

There a way you can DM me and help me thank you god for your fast response! You are amazing!

My site is
When I click the BOXES they have on site for Login/Subscribe it goes to PHOENIX Capital Blog and then causes an issue says 404

So idk but if i manually type in #/portal/ it works then…

You don’t usually need to add login etc. to the menu. Use the membership settings, and check your theme instructions, since some require changes to routes.yaml.

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Damn brooo… your a savage! I’m an idiot…just figured it out lol!

Thank you so much!!

If i run into other issues can I dm you or how do I ask cuz you are amazing!

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If you have other issues or questions, please open a new thread.

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