Help with understanding how tracker scripts work

Hey all
I have some serious concerns regarding the latest patch
Last week I install ghost on digital ocean, everything was working fine but yestersay a strange issue i noticed
i am using the digital ocean domain management for my DNS
but today morning i noticed that somehow it is connected to cloudflare and alibaba CDN
and also some malicious trackers

I am not uaing analytics till now but dont know what has happened

What I do now plz tell me

I am attaching a screenshot of thr trackers

check it
I am already aware that i have disqus enabled it should be showing only one tracker but currently It is showing 5 trackers
dont know how

Hi @Achintpanchal1. A script that the Ghost core uses (portal.min.js) is loaded from, for starters. The rest are also CDNs being used to load scripts on your site. Could you provide a link to your website?

Everything in that list are what’s known as Content Delivery Networks, CDN for short. They’re hosting platforms to serve up resources your website is using. For example Disqus needs some JavaScript resources to work.

I don’t see any issue with these appearing, they’re not trackers but resources being retrieved externally. If you really don’t want these to appear you’ll need to modify your theme to contain all these resources, which will require development knowledge.

Also, given that you are concerned with tracking and privacy, you might like to know that Disqus has a pretty poor reputation in that regard.

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