Hover-Down Submenus for Casper Here

For me it’s working on the Ruby theme but only on desktop. Do you happen to know a way to make the dropdown visible in the mobile-view after gh-burger button is pressed?

For reference this is the site i’m working on

Thanks in advance!.

Hi, I’ve been reading your posts here on drop-down menus for casper theme. I tried them for my edition page, but it leaves the [has child] in the actual menu on the home page and creates … for the submenus. The theme I have his Edition. Any chance you can help? I’m not a coder and just trying to figure this out.

@johnnymac I have installed the Edition Theme on my test site, along with the Site Header and Footer Injection codes from this post, and it is working for me…

Here is a screenshot of my Site Navigation Menus that work with this:

You’re amazing! I think I just missed in this post that I need to use the dashes instead of the [subitem] as I was using from the earlier post. Thank you!

Hey! Thanks again for the help. I was adding a few more submenus today, and I seemed to have my limit with the fourth submenu. As a result, I had to move the “What We Offer” menu to left a bit, and push some of the “less important” items to the right as they are now forced beneath the dreaded “…”.

Was wondering if you’d seen this happen before? I think it has to do with the number navigation menus in Edition before it goes to the “…” on the right side of the navigation bar. Not sure if this can be avoided or not. Before, I when I only had two submenus in the picture shared above, it seemed to fit everything.

@johnnymac yes, the built-in dropdown in some of the default themes (including this one, it seems) tries to take over the ordering of menu items…
here are some other posts describing the problem…

You can also try different width settings in the media query

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Thanks so much! I may just keep it as it is for now and have fewer nav menus at the top.

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Does this menu drop-down system work on the new default Source theme?

Thank you for this. it is awasome. Works well in desktop. Is there any way to make it happen in mobiles too?

Could you please share the URL for the site so I can see what you are seeing?

Drop down menu works well in desktop, but not in mobile. I was wondering if it is normal or happening to me only. I am using casper.