How can i get version 0.4.1 of ghosthunter?

Hello i bought a Ghost theme which is using ghostHunter 0.4.0 to do the searches through my posts. (

Reading the notes of the 0.4.1 version, one can read that it says:

  • Include tags list in search-list metadata

Does that means that on can search through tags as per version 0.4.1?

I am trying to do that on version 0.4.0 with no success.

This is my code:

I am thinking of maybe updating to 0.4.1 from my 0.4.0 version but there is no releases section on the ghostHunter github repo. I already tried Npm but cant find it. (version 0.4.1) does anyone knows how can i get it?

Having a quick look at the ghostHunter repo I can see the problem you’re having! There doesn’t seem to be any tags, releases or even commits which suggest a version bump :confused:

I think your best bet would be to open an issue on the ghostHunter repo asking them - maybe even asking them to start adding tags/releases to help people in future :man_shrugging:

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