How can I set the url of the newest post dynamically?

This has less to do with ghost I think, than with with my inability to use it properly as of right now.

So the Idea is:
I want to set the newest post to get the url “blogdomain/today”, dynamically, day in the day out,
but only for the time it being the newest post, generaly a post per day - hence the “/today”.
And obvious reassign the second newest post’s url to say "blogdomain/{yesterday}". {yesterday} being a date formatted as day-month-year

I know its possible, I just cannot quite figure out how to go about it.

Any help or harsh truths would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

This is a terrible idea. It will completely hinder your search engine optimization, and break permalinks, preventing others from linking to your content.

While technically possible (anything is), I’d highly recommend against this.

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I totally forgot about that, guess than it is settled. Thank you man.