How do I host Ghost on my laptop?


We’ve recently started learning how to make websites in school, unfortunately with Joomla. During the next 2 weeks we will be working on our own websites and I am wondering if I can substitute Joomla with Ghost and will I be able to work on my website on the school computer?

I want to make my old laptop a server on which I will have a ghost website. Where do I start with it?
And I need to be able to modify the website on the external school computer. Will it be possible?

Please tell if it’s possible, if so, how to do it because I looked for “How to host a Ghost website” and the results showed on how to use it with some kind of online web server, and I want to use my ubuntu laptop instead.


Well… your own laptop running Ubuntu is pretty much the same with a web server running Ubuntu, so these articles apply to you as well:

Or the official guide for a local instal:



Is there a good tool to explain migrating from local to the web server? I see the Labs has an “export data” option,” but it might not actually grab everything?


Or (but not sure if still valid).


That .json file will include media as well? (Like post images, headers, etc.)


Nope, it only includes most of the database - You need to export your theme and images separately


So, it does include text posts but not the images and themes?



Summary of export capabilities


Haha, thanks. Clearly I need to read the docs more.


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