How do I reset email stats?

I started using newsletter functionality when it came out with 3.0, but having belatedly clued in to the fact that I had to turn on “Open tracking” on Mailgun’s end all my members are displayed as having opened zero emails. Is there a way to reset things (aside from editing the database, which I understand would be sketchy)? Or rather, would it be as easy as one of the following:

  1. Export all members to a CSV file, delete all members, and then import all the members via the CSV file
  2. I’m likely going to be moving things over to a new instance shortly anyway, so if I were to export the content JSON file as well as the members CSV file, then import those (and all images) to the new instance, would that preclude the migration of any stats info? (I’m not too familiar how the database works and how that data is imported/exported or where it even exists.)


I’m not sure whether or not option #1 would work, but upon moving over the JSON and CSV files to another instance I discovered that all email stats had vanished. So it is technically possible without having to touch the database.