How to activate the functionality of members without activating the portal? .- Urgent help please

I urgently need to deactivate portal.-

First of all, I think I personally must congratulate you on the extraordinary job you are doing with the product. But I think the differentiating goal of Ghost is deviating: Simplicity.

I think it should be possible to activate the members, outside the popup - portal system itself.

Well, within the system itself it includes many disadvantages:

  • The use of CDN (Cloudflare) decreases the loading speed and the organic positioning. The file service must be integrated locally, never on the CDN.

  • The use of Popups, goes against the recommendations of use of the Core Web Vitals, therefore it negatively affects the SEO.

  • In the same way, although the Ghost product is very well structured and executed, the use of JS on the client side also decreases the functionality on various devices.

  • Multiple insertions of CSS layers create unnecessary elements, which should be optimized correctly, and serve in just one.

In addition, an indiscriminate number of active URLs are included, that even if I remove the button and do not use them, they remain active, losing part of my budget crawler and generating unnecessary confusion.



Please @John, @DavidDarnes, @rishabhgarg, @minimaluminium, Ghost team … we need to rethink the proposed system to be able to work at different levels, for those who want an “easy to incorporate” functionality and more optimized options for those who want to take Ghost to the next level. :rocket:

I await an answer from you, because I deeply believe in this project. I believe without any doubt that the future of web development goes through Ghost. :man_technologist:t2:

I await your response,

Thanks for your time and interest,

A hug.

Jesus Pérez.-

Dude, I’m having a problem with Google with this. It tells me that it has problems with these 3 pages and it has stopped the page processes. I am trying to delete the files that I do not use the membership system, open the page manually and convert it to the tag page with the help of a few codes. In addition, although Google bots are not visible in the page descriptions, because they are included in the codes, it says “Only members can read this post” in Google results. This is disgusting.

As a non-developer and plain Ghost user I agree the Portal thing on top of the previous themes adopted for the old members feature seems a bit messy. One should remember it’s still labeled as beta, I guess.

Anyway one of the things you mentioned - google crawling - need some schema markup it seems. I raised it on the forum here.

When it comes to pop ups, I believe the problem is with interstitial pop ups, not pop ups in general. As the portal pop up is something the user opens themselves, it would presumably not be detrimental to your concerns

I thank you for your contributions,

It’s not really about itself, just Google. If not from the user experience.

Ghost, without a doubt, is an incredible product. It has always been clear that simplicity and doing things “differently” from the rest was its great differential value.

But in the latest updates, it’s taking a detour, quite a major one.

Every time I try to sell the benefits of Ghost, for the corporate ecosystem, everyone is confused, because they are limited to seeing, its essential layer. But I personally see much further.

I think Ghost has managed to solve and add great value to today’s great challenges. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it has unlimited potential.

The problem started with Portal.

That although I am aware that it is in beta phase, it is the great proposal of the @John team.

But we are thus forgetting important points:

I work internationally and face the world reality. In the world, there are 3 levels: 1st world, 2nd world and 3rd world, with what this implies.

@Stromfeldt, have you tried using Popups, on 320px screens? If you add to that, they have speeds lower than 1.5 Mb or devices with javascript disabled, which are very many active … the result is that the user experience is seriously compromised.

It is at this point where the Ghost production line was highly competitive. Well, by working members through .hbs and YAML, you could create a foolproof experience.

Ghost needs to understand these kinds of differences, to remain the future reference that it is.

The market is becoming seriously competitive, and that front layer, managed at the user, is of vital importance. More than we are capable of understanding.

I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. If you want to disable the Portal popup then disable it, nothing is stopping you.

The clientside JS is required for all of the authentication and payments to function and is not optional.

If you think any of it is unnecessary, then it seems like you probably don’t understand how the product works, and you might want to spend some more time on that before posting pretty aggressive opinions @notifying everyone, putting bold text everywhere, and telling us that we have to urgently do what you say.

We don’t do design by dogpile, so I’m closing this topic.

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