How to change Subscribe button behavior

On the latest ghost (installed on Digital ocean) we notice that after click on Subscribe button Sign up form appears.

On another installation - after click on the subscribe button - sign in form appears.

Question: How to change Subscribe button behavior?



There are a couple of different variables here. Are you talking about the default Portal button, in the lower right? Are you able to share a link to your site?

Yeah I’m talking about the default Portal button, in the lower right.

The 2 sites are:

both sites are on * Version: 5.7.0.

P.S. I’m wokring on the login issue on another tread: Ghost login not working.
Nothing is shown in the ghost error logs.

It looks like Data Plot Plus is set up to be invite-only, which explains the difference in button behavior. You can change this setting on the Membership page in Settings.

CleanShot 2022-08-03 at 09.56.53

I see. That makes sense.
I was experimenting a lot - in order to solve the other problem

I think I break the configuration somehow - now I got errors sending magic link.

So I will create new installation and import the content and members there.
Since the login is not working (right now it’s not working on both - previously it was working on Data Plot Plus.

Thanks! Cheers