How to customize theme on Ghost Pro


Hi guys, I hope find you well. I’m asking if you can help me about customizing theme on Ghost Pro.
I’m a newbies and I don’t have too many development skill but I’d like to know how to modify little things about.
I’d like to cancel the footer of the Attila theme that I’ve installed. I like the minimal aspect of this theme.
Or if you can me provide a full step by step guide.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


Hi there! :wave:

You can always customise your theme by editing your “Attila” theme files in an HTML editor, or you could also use code injection instead from the Ghost admin, by injecting custom CSS to overwrite things like the font, colors, etc.

You can also find our theme documentation here if you wanted to take a closer look at how the theme layer for Ghost works. :slight_smile: If you’re having any trouble getting started on Ghost(Pro), please drop us an email to and we’ll be more than happy to help! :slight_smile: