How to filter tags starting with 'word-'



I’m setting up a blog that will have issues (as in magazines) as tags. Like, if I write the Issue #1, that article will have any tag that corresponds to its category plus the ‘Issue #1’ tag.

Now, I’m trying to show the latest 2 issue tags in my home page. I’m using the #get helper to request “tags” but what I’m struggling with is to use the filter attribute in a way that I can just filter for all the tags whose slug begins with with the string ‘issue-’.

Any idea on how to this? Or is this just flat impossible with the current api? I looked into the documentation and didn’t find anything about support for regex or wildcards in the filter attribute of the get helper. Also, to my understanding, ghost doesn’t allows to register custom Handlebar helpers.

Is my only option DOM manipulation with JS?

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