How to log analytics for embedded Tweets

Hello everyone,

I have embedded tweets into the editor using the official integration:

In my template I have added the following script:

twttr.ready((twttr) => {'click', (event) => {
   });'tweet', (event) => {
   });'retweet', (event) => {
   });'like', (event) => {
   });'follow', (event) => {

Now the problem is, that only click and like are firing when clicking the like button.
Any other element, including the embedded tweet body, does not fire anything.

I do not care much for “what” the user actually clicked,
as there’s no callback when the action was actually performed.

All I care for is an analytics even when the user has clicked
anything inside the white tweet window, as that tells me all I need to know.

Research so far has been of little help.
Any help/hint is highly appreciated.

FYI. I’m putting a bounty of $50 on this. If anyone comments a solution before I find one, I’m gonna Venmo/Paypal/AppleCash $50 to the submitter of a working solution .

My goal is to know when any part of the embedded Tweet has been clicked/touched. I don’t care for any more fine granularity. I need to know if the users clicked the tweet and by that ended up on Twitter.