How to persist images after restarting ghost

I’m running ghost on dev mode with docker-compose, and each time I restart the container, the logo and icon I upload disappears.

I’m running ghost 3.28.0, and I had to manually copy the sqlite3 file and theme to the /version/3.28.0/content folder from /content. Everything is working fine except when I restart the docker-compose container the logo and icon always disappears (or the link breaks as it still exists in the directory). How do I persist these documents?

Here is my config file:

    "url": "http://ghost:2368",

    "server": {

        "port": 2368,

        "host": ""


    "database": {

        "client": "sqlite3",

        "connection": {

            "filename": "content/data/threadlet.db"


        "useNullAsDefault": true,

        "debug": false

    "paths": {

        "contentPath": "content/"


    "privacy": {

        "useRpcPing": false,

        "useUpdateCheck": true


    "useMinFiles": false,

    "caching": {

        "theme": {

            "maxAge": 0


        "admin": {

            "maxAge": 0




And here is my docker-compose setup:

    image: ghost:latest
    container_name: ghost
    restart: always
      - 2368:2368
      - ".env"
      # DATABASE_URL: 
      url: "http://ghost:2368"
      NODE_ENV: development
      - ./ghost/config.${NODE_ENV}.json:/var/lib/ghost/config.${NODE_ENV}.json
      - ./ghost/content:/var/lib/ghost/content

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