How to remove/disable UNPKG in Ghost 4?

Is it possible to remove/disable UNPKG entirely or load it from our domain? Our project should no have any 3rd party scripts. For example jquery is uploaded already to assets and works fine:

<script src="{{asset "built/jquery.js"}}"></script>

Otherwise we have do downgrade and think about migrating to another blog platform. Thanks.

If you are referring to the portal script then yes, you can load it from your own server.

Thanks! Should I just upload this code and add it like: <script src=“{{asset “built/portal.min.js”}}”>

I made a little “instruction” article. If you need any additional help, let me know.

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Here is another thread with some other approaches:

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Is it correct to disable it?

    "portal": {
        "url": "none"

Try and see. I loaded an empty file on my local install without breaking anything.

Now you can do it.