How to setup featured posts infinite scroll on custom Edge theme home page?

I noticed Edge theme does not support featured posts on home page… tried to replace posts by featured posts, but now images are duplicated.

I believe issue originates from grid.infiniteScroll which is fetching posts rather than featured posts.

How can I make grid.infiniteScroll fetch featured posts?

Thanks for helping out!

Not sure if I understand your issue completely, but what I did was, I updated index.hbs in Edge with your code. It generated lots of the same featured post. Then debugging from there, I found out that ‘loop’ partial which you included in your foreach loop is probably messing up your content. It contains:
<div class="grid-item">
that class seems to be adding those extra ones.
So I moved featured section to the top, then removed the {{> "loop"}} and replaced it with content of the partial and also removing the problematic class. That seems to take care of that issue. Of course top featured section needs a lot of styling

<div class="content-area">
   <main class="site-main container">
            {{#get "posts" filter="featured:true" limit="all" as |featured|}}
                {{#if featured}}
                    {{#foreach featured}}
                       <div >
    <figure class="{{post_class}}">
        <div class="post-feed">
            <div class="grid-item grid-sizer"></div>
            {{#foreach posts}}
                {{> "loop"}}