How to troubleshoot email open rate being 0%?

Anyone viewing this over…If you use Cloudflare, the proxy status for that CNAME record needs to be put to DNS ONLY.

Two areas that you should update if using Mailgun.

  1. Ghost admin: Setting → Email newsletter settings. Add your domain and your API key which is found here.
  2. Edit your config.production.json and add in your SMTP password.

For the transactional emails, should we use mailgun as well or it isn’t necessary?
What’s the best practice?

For my part, transactional email are working fine out of the box. I only set mailgun for the newsletters.

Personally, I’m using Mailgun for both transactional and newsletter. Prefer it because of the domain authentication which will ensure that the email is originated from an authorised system and it prevents spammers from stealing the identity of legitimate entities.

And it only takes a few extra clicks and fairly simple to implement.

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It isn’t necessary to use Mailgun for transactional emails, but I would certainly recommend doing so.